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About VRG Capital 

 Founded in 1982

Selected Partners

The Canadian National Vimy Memorial 

At VRG Capital we deliver the financing, strategy, and resources your business needs to create value and grow. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, we offer full-service private equity, investment banking, and management advisory solutions.

We are growth investors with a comprehensive network and a wide range of alternative capital options to to help you achieve your strategic objectives and financial goals. With no forced timeline exits, we can be flexible, and patient in our investment. We focus on developing short-term opportunities to build and support industry-leading companies - generating exceptional growth and returns.

We've completed millions of dollars in transactions, giving you the advantage of decades of experience from both sides of the deal.Since 1982, our partners have entrusted us to secure billions in investment capital, complete IPOs, facilitate mergers, acquisitions, and lead reorganizations.


Ready to explore your opportunities? 

Industries of interest: Financial Services | Healthcare | Insurance | Marketing Services | Technology

One of Canada’s largest marketing and brand management businesses

The Canadian National Vimy Memorial


The Vimy Ridge Group Ltd. (TVRG) is established named after the Battle of Vimy Ridge, an iconic combat led and won by Canadian and British Forces in WWI.  


VRG Capital is established as the merchant banking division of TVRG. 


G.K.'s son J.R. Kingsley Ward joins the firm as President of VRG Capital.


Brock Bundy joins the firm as Managing Partner. 


Greg Cochrane and Merv Simpson join as Managing Partners.


J.R. Kingsley Ward assumes Chairman Role of TVRG and continues to grow the business with the same dedication and entrepreneurial spirit as his father.


Gord Feeney, a distinguished business leader for over 40 years, retired Deputy Chairman of RBC Financial Group, former Chairman of Canada Post, and Honorary Consul for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, assumed Chairman role. 

Our Story

Our founder, G. Kingsley 'G.K.' Ward was a military historian, and author of five books including; Courage Remembered , a book on Commonwealth War Memorials.  He was also awarded the title of Hon. Colonel of the 2nd Battalion of the Royal New Brunswick Regiment. 


His keen interest in military history led him to naming the holding company he founded 'The Vimy Ridge Group Ltd.' (TVRG), after the Battle of Vimy Ridge, an iconic combat led and won by Canadian and British Forces in WWI.


Often viewed as a symbol of Canadian national achievement and sacrifice, the success of the Canadian Corps is attributed to the technical and tactical innovation, meticulous planning, powerful artillery support and extensive training - Principals and practices G.K. admired and strived to transfer into his businesses. 

Throughout G.K.'s years of entrepreneurial success he continued to pursue his military interests through fundraising efforts in support of Canadian military forces.

Our Network

Partnership with VRG enables businesses to add value, grow, and build capital appreciation through added support from: 

Our large network of connections. 

Family Offices 

Our independent multi-family office helps partners and businesses seeking capital for growth. VRG is comprised of seasoned professionals with expertise in a number of industry verticals. Our partners are supported through our in-house resources including finance, accounting, and legal advice.

Strategic Partnerships 

VRG Capital has developed relationships with providers across several sectors. Whether it is detailed and thorough research and testing in the pharmaceutical industry, or leading data mining and analysis in the technology sector, VRG has the relationships to support companies with their growth plans.

Financial Alternatives 

Funding and financing growth opportunities can develop in many ways. From capital markets, to debt markets, to private placements, VRG has the relationships, experience, and expertise to identify and execute the right financing in each unique circumstance. 

Domestic and International Resources 

In addition to our domestic resources, VRG Capital is associated with key financial and operational resources throughout the world. As businesses grow, new markets and opportunities emerge. Through VRG's international relationships, partner companies can tap into these networks and garner valuable insight, expertise, and potential avenues for expansion and growth in non-Canadian markets. 

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