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Building Customer Connections—From A Distance

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

A large part of financial services revolves around relationships—building and maintaining connections with customers, getting to know their needs, and finding ways to fulfill them.

Providing this level of service has become a challenge in the wake of COVID-19, and it has prompted financial institutions to re-think the way they communicate, not only at the branch level but also in terms of their advisor network.

In the branches, DCM is providing more tactical support in the form of physical virus-prevention components such as:

  • Distancing signage and floor decals

  • Plexiglass “sneeze guard” shields

  • Clean Screens that cover payment keypads and touchscreens

  • 75% alcohol hand sanitizer (a formula approved by the World Health Organization)

  • Contactless thermometers

  • Thermographic (heat-scanning) body cameras

At a higher level, we are working with financial services clients to help them enable their advisors. Advisors in wealth management and insurance rely on maintaining strong, ongoing relations with customers in order to continue meeting their needs. This is particularly the case given the current financial climate: More people are nervous about their financial futures, and are looking to advisors for guidance and reassurance.

Through solutions like our One-Touch Brand Management, advisors can be much more flexible and personalized in their communications. With relative ease, they can customize and deploy email and print campaigns that explore the latest financial and investment issues—helping to bring clarity and purpose to virtual meetings and generally increase the value of their services.

While the financial industry has not experienced the covid-centric scrutiny the way sectors like healthcare and retail have, financial institutions face a quiet pressure of their own as, despite current market volatility, they work to ensure services remain unchanged and always available—as Canadians always expect them to be.

Learn more about how DCM is helping leaders in financial services overcome new communication challenges.

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