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DCM is Proud to Continue Partnering with NCC

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Almost 60 years of conservation. 35 million acres of land. One agenda: to safeguard Canadian spaces and species from coast to coast. DCM plays a critical role in helping the Nature Conservancy of Canada meet that goal, and we’re excited to continue our role through a renewed contract.

DCM’s support is vital to NCC’s ability to acquire donations—the funding lifeblood of the organization. NCC relies heavily on this funding to protect the vast tracts of land it currently oversees. DCM fulfills an array of thank-you gifts for donors, who give through programs such as Gifts of Canadian Nature. Gifts of Canadian Nature enables people to purchase and send personalized e-cards; help save endangered species; and adopt habitats. In return, donors receive items such as calendars, personalized certificates, and information booklets on the various species and habitats—all produced by DCM.

Operating since 1962, with a network of more than 250,000 donors, volunteers and other supporters, NCC relies on DCM’s expertise not only to execute communications, but also continually analyze and refine processes. Our support ranges from consultation and execution to creative services, such as designing NCC’s current direct mail package.

We’re proud to include NCC among the many clients we’ve served for 10 or more years. We look forward to supporting them for many more!

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