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Private Equity

 Solutions for entrepreneurial management teams looking to create value and grow

We make transformational investments, raise capital, and support management teams that have the potential to do great things.


We have invested in over 70 companies, primarily in financial services, healthcare, insurance, marketing services, and technology. Our dedicated team of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors understand how to create value, scale, and grow a business. We listen, learn and then collaborate with you, combining your knowledge of the business with our knowledge of building value to create partnership based on mutual trust. 

We are always looking to partner with hard-working, visionary entrepreneurs who are striving to achieve leadership in their markets. Ready to explore your opportunities? 

Investment Criteria

  • Evidence of organic growth 

  • Entrepreneurs with the ability to tell the business story 

  • Entrepreneurs and companies that are recognized as dominant forces in their market

  • Companies with unique and strategic market positioning or competitive advantage and barriers to entry in their industry 

  • Motivated, talented, and trustworthy entrepreneurs and management teams who have a meaningful equity stake in their businesses 

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